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We’re a friendly and local family planning clinic based at the heart of Dublin.

We are based just around the corner from the Mater Hospital although people do come to us from all across the Republic of Ireland.

How we can help you
We offer a range of confidential services, advice and information around pregnancy (including early pregnancy dating scans and crisis pregnancy advice), contraception and sexual health for men and women.

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We’re a discreet, safe and professional place to turn to if you ever need to talk to someone. Our booking line is open 24 hours a day so that you can always get support and a friendly ear. In our care, you will never be judged.


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Impartial Advice on Crisis Pregnancy

Women who are facing a crisis pregnancy deserve to be given all the accurate and unbiased information around all their options such as adoption, abortion or continuing the pregnancy.

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Unplanned Pregnancy Dating Scans

We offer unplanned pregnancy dating scans as part of our pregnancy consultations. No matter what your decision might be around the pregnancy, no matter which abortion provider you may choose to use in the UK or elsewhere. 

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Non-Scalpel Vasectomy

Is your family complete? A vasectomy is a permanent form of contraception for men which often gets overlooked. It may be an ideal form of contraception for you. 

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Health Screening

Book an appointment with one of our health professionals to check your health is on track.

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  • Which contraception method is right for me?

    When it comes to birth control, many women and men tend to stick to the contraceptive pill or condoms but there are many more options available.

  • Is Vasectomy for me?

    Having  a vasectomy can be a big decision to make and we’re here to help make sure you are doing this for the right reasons.

  • Post Abortion Support no matter where you have had your abortion

    In the majority of case, it is illegal to have an abortion in Ireland but many women decide to travel to another country to access abortion care where it is legal. If you've had an abortion abroad, we are here to make sure everything is ok after your abortion, no matter where you received your care. 

  • Who can you trust?

    The recent secret recording conducted by an undercover reporter for The Irish Times brought this issue into the light.