Unplanned pregnancy

Unexpectedly finding yourself pregnant can be a confusing and difficult situation, particularly for women in Ireland, where abortion is illegal. At Reproductive Choices we are experienced in helping women in this situation and are completely pro choice – that is we believe it is the woman’s right to decide whether she continues with her pregnancy or not.

Every year we see over 2,000 women who face an unplanned pregnancy. We understand that this may be a very difficult time for you.

We are here to support you with whatever decision you make. We offer a range of services including pregnancy testing, pregnancy counselling, medical assessment, ultrasound scanning and information on abortion as required including how to obtain help from abortion clinics in England.

The centre is small and friendly and we have a dedicated team of experienced nurses, doctors and counsellors who you can trust to respect your feelings and privacy and provide a confidential, non-judgement and professional service at all times.

For more information or an appointment call us on (01) 830 0630.

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Marie Stopes Reproductive Choices, 10/11 Berkeley Street, Dublin 7
Telephone: (01) 830 0630 Email: info@reproductivechoices.ie