reproductive choices

Reproductive Choices has now closed

Unplanned pregnancy

If you would like unplanned pregnancy support or information on abortion care options, please visit My Options or call them directly on 1800 828 010

Sexual and reproductive health

If you would like information on STI screening, vasectomy, contraception, or other sexual health check-ups, please visit the Irish Family Planning Association or call them directly on 1850 495 051

Medical records

If you have visited us in the past and we hold your medical records, these are kept for 10 years (from the date you visited) as per legal requirements. If you wish to access your information you can contact our storage company and provide them with the information to retrieve your record. These files will be available up to 31/12/2029 after which they will be destroyed confidentially. Identification will need to be provided to ensure security and validation of your records.

Please contact:
0800 281857
Unit 5, Wanlip Road Ind. Est,
Syston, Leicestershire, LE7 1PD