Which contraception method is right for me?


When it comes to birth control, many women and men tend to stick to the contraceptive pill or condoms but there are many more options available.

Contraceptive options

We're hoping the methods listed below will help you decide which one might be most suited to your needs. You might want to consider hormone-free contraceptive or contraception that protects you against STIs. 

Each person will have a different experience with each method of contraception, so you may have to try a few before you find one which works for you.

Contraception consultations

If you want to have a contraception consultation with one of our doctors or nurses, please book your appointment. We will be able to go through different options which are available to you depending on what elements are important to you and your medical history and general health. 

Here are 14 methods  of contraception you may want to consider trying


Contraceptive Implant Icon The contraceptive Implant

IUS icon The IUS - Intrauterine system

IUD icon The IUD Intrauterine Device - Copper Coil

Combined pill icon The combined pill 

progesterone only contraceptive pill The Progesterone only pill 

male condom icon The male condom

female condom icon The female condom

contraceptive injection icon The contraceptive injection

diaphragm icon The Diaphragm/The cap

vaginal ring icon The vaginal ring

contraceptive patch The contraceptive patch 

female sterilisation icon Female Sterilisation 

vasectomy icon male sterilisation Vasectomy - male sterilisation

natural family planning Natural family planning