Who can you trust?


The recent secret recording conducted by an undercover reporter for The Irish Times brought this issue into the light. 

Anti-choice organisations in Ireland

These are organisations in Ireland that may not support a woman’s right to choose whether she continues with her pregnancy or chooses to have an abortion. They call themselves ‘pro-life’ and believe that abortion is wrong. 

These organisations believe that abortion should be illegal under all circumstances including rape or foetal abnormalities. We believe these organisations are anti-choice. They are entitled to their beliefs but not entitled to influence your choice. 

If you visit these organisations about a crisis pregnancy, be aware that they may not give you impartial advice about abortion and may dissuade a woman from exercising her right to choose. 

Tips on avoiding anti-choice organisations

Reproductive Choices has been providing factual and accurate information to women facing crisis pregnancies for over 20 years. If you are not able to visit us in Dublin and are looking for help locally, our advice is as follows:

You could contact your GP or a local family planning clinic for advice. Doctors should be impartial, but if you feel that a doctor is judging you or you are being pressurised in any way, ask to see another healthcare professional or call us for advice on (01) 830 0630.

If you visit organisations about a crisis pregnancy, be aware that they may not give you impartial advice. If you are considering abortion or are already sure, these groups, which are often religious groups and pro-life organisations, may not be supportive of abortion as a choice. Although some will be sympathetic, they may not give you the information you need and may try to persuade you against having an abortion.

Don’t give any personal details if you suspect an organisation may not be supportive. They should not need home addresses or phone numbers and you can refuse to give this information.

If you attend a centre with a partner or supportive friend, be wary if attempts are made to separate you – bogus agencies may want to separate you so that you will be more vulnerable to psychological pressure.

If the staff at these centres try to make you repeat appointments for scans or further counselling or refuse to give you information about abortion in the UK, go elsewhere. They may try to delay you making you later in your pregnancy. You should be able to get everything you need from one visit.

Do not agree to watch any videos – no agency genuinely concerned for the welfare of a woman would have any reason to subject you to anti-abortion materials.

Walk out of these centres at any time if you are not comfortable with what is being said or the way you are being treated.