Pregnancy Scanning

When you find out you are pregnant, you can book a visit with us. We offer early pregnancy scans and free pregnancy tests.

Free walk-in pregnancy test

If you have missed a period and think you might be pregnant, we can provide you with a free walk-in pregnancy test. Of course you can buy one from most chemists too.

If you wish to continue with your pregnancy you can visit your GP, who will help you arrange antenatal care (pre-birth care), estimate the due date for the birth and discuss your plans. All expectant mothers from the EU and living  in Ireland are entitled to free maternity care (antenatal visits, labour, delivery and postnatal care) or you may opt for private care or a combination of both.

Ultrasound dating scans - whichever Abortion Service Provider you may choose

We offer abdominal and vaginal dating scans depending on your medical history. They are designed to determine how many weeks pregnant you are. They will assess if the heartbeat is present ( for a viable pregnancy) and where the pregnancy is located ( if it is an ectopic pregnancy or not). Please note that ectopic pregnancies are rare. This can be reassuring to do if you are waiting for your first hospital appointment or if you are considering your options around this pregnancy.

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What to expect during a dating scan

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Depending on the type of scan you have, the Nurse or Midwife will put some ultrasound gel on your abdomen and slide a probe over your skin  or insert a vaginal probe. We will also ask a range of background questions about your health and your medical history.

The importance of a dating scan if you are considering abortion abroad

We believe it is every woman’s right to decide whether she wants to continue with a pregnancy or not. Ultrasound scans are designed to date a pregnancy. Please be aware that digital pregnancy tests cannot indicate if you have been pregnant for over 5 weeks.

If you are considering abortion abroad or think you may be eligible to have the medical abortion pill in Belfast (Northern Ireland), we can guide you through this process too. We are completely pro-choice and have been supporting women for over 20 years.

The ultrasound dating scan stage is particularly important if you are considering abortion - no matter which abortion service provider you may choose. Depending on how long you’ve been pregnant for, you may not be able to access all abortion treatment options.

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