Unplanned Pregnancy Options

We are a family planning organisation which was set up help women consider all their options around pregnancy. And we’ve been here for women for over 20 years.

Dealing with a Crisis pregnancy

We know how difficult it can be to face a crisis pregnancy. Emotions such as fear, loneliness, and distress may be overwhelming and you may think you cannot open up to anybody around you. That’s why we offer a friendly, affordable, unbiased and non-judgmental place to turn to if you want support. By booking a consultation with us, we can make sure you have the chance to talk through your all your options.

Crisis Pregnancy counselling

Our team can advise you of specialist counsellors that offer non-directive counselling which means you get given a space to explore your own feelings around your pregnancy. It is not about “directing” you towards a particular outcome but instead helping you understand your own feelings about the pregnancy. This is completely confidential.

The main three choices around a crisis pregnancy are:

  • parenting
  • adoption (or fostering)
  • or abortion abroad


Parenting is a lifelong commitment. The right time to have a child is different for everyone. Our team can advise you of specialist counsellors who will be able to guide you through all the aspect of this choice.

Your doctor will discuss plans for pre-natal health care (ie: before the birth also called antenatal care) and may provide a letter of referral to a maternity hospital if that is where you want to give birth.

Financial support:

You are entitled to free postnatal care covering hospital accommodation cost for the mother and baby in a public ward.

Maternity benefit is a payment made to women in Ireland on maternity leave from work and who have paid a certain amount of Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI). You need to apply for the payment 6 weeks before you intend to go on maternity leave (12 weeks if you are self-employed). The specific amount of money paid to you each week will depend on your earnings.

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There are so many reasons why you may decide to go ahead with adoption and again – the choice is yours to make.

Adoption is a permanent legal agreement via which you agree to place the child into the care of someone else.  You will carry the pregnancy to term, give birth and the Adoption Agency will choose someone else to parent the child. It is important to speak with an adoption agency which will give you more information on your rights and the required steps if this is the right decision for you.

Adoption support:

Only registered adoption societies and the Health Service Executive (HSE) are legally entitled to place children for adoption.

  • The Adoption Authority of Ireland provides comprehensive information on adoption procedures in relation to both international and domestic adoptions.
  • Pact is a charity providing a broad range of services in the area of adoption, information, tracing and unplanned pregnancy.


There are many reasons why you may be considering abortion if you are facing a crisis pregnancy: contraception failure, diagnosis of serious foetal abnormality, or changes in personal circumstances.  

We are here to support you if this is the case. We are here to make sure you are appropriately informed and supported. All women have the right to travel outside the Republic of Ireland to access abortion services which are legally available in other countries.

Abortion is safe and there are very rare cases where complications are serious - if done under proper medical supervision. Abortions performed later in pregnancy may carry more risks so ideally, you wouldn’t wait too long before getting the relevant advice and information.

During your consultation, we can advise you of your counselling options. 

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Always remember that YOU are in charge of your choice.

No healthcare provider should ever pressure you into a decision about your pregnancy. We can provide support and information but only you can decide what the right choice is.

Be aware of fake crisis pregnancy counselling organisations

Be aware of rogue or anti-choice crisis pregnancy counselling organisations.

Find out more on tips to avoid bogus agencies in Ireland

There are fake clinics run by anti-choice organisations. They may give you incomplete and incorrect information about your options. They may try to frighten you with misleading images and wrong information to prevent you from choosing to have an abortion.

They may tell you that you are not pregnant or that you are in an earlier gestation to prevent you from accessing treatment abroad. Often, the fake crisis pregnancy clinics are located very close to real and reputable support organisations like ours.

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